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Location: Chingford
23rd November 2017

The Toddler Blog- Owls Angels

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Owls Angels

Our Activity 

In Owls Room (1-2 years), the children got into the Christmas spirit by making a Christmas display board!

The staff put backing paper on the board and a border around the edges. They then took pictures of the children laying down and posing. Once all of the pictures were taken, the staff members printed them and cut them out. A outline of an angel was also printed out and the pictures were stuck inside them. The children were then given their angel and some cotton wool, Gemma assisted them as they put glue on the angel, and then allowed the children to stick the cotton wool down. Gemma then printed off penguins and gave the children some pens to make marks and colour in. The staff then printed off some more pictures of the childrens faces and put them on top of the penguins. Next, we made an igloo! We filled the igloo with glitter to make it stand out and cotton wool to resemble snow.  The children enjoyed throwing the glitter across the igloo and getting the cotton wool stuck to their fingers! After all of the decorating was done, Gemma put the children's artwork onto the display board to showcase to the parents.

How does this activity benefit the children?

Doing this simple activity with the children benefits them in many ways as it links to various areas of learning. When the children are laying on the floor with each other taking pictures, this supports their Personal Social, Emotional Development as they were all laughing together and sharing the experience. It helps their Physical Development because they are using their fine motor skills to stick the cotton wool down and to make marks using the pens and pencils. It supports their Expressive Art Development as they are using different materials and being imaginative. Another area of learning this activity supports is Communication Language because Saphari said "Stick" when a member of staff said the cotton wool is sticky. Lily also said "yay" when we completed the angels.

 Christmas Activities to try at home

Painting with Christmas Cookie Cutters-Place the cutter in to paint, then stamp it on paper!

Finger Painting with Christmas Colours-  Use finger paints to help your toddler gain fine motor control

Handprint Christmas Trees- Let your toddler put their hand in paint and stamp it on to paper. Cut the painted handprints out and stick together to resemble a Christmas tree. Let your toddler add some extras such as sequins and glitter.

Cotton Wool Snowman- Using cotton wool- build a snowman with your toddler! You can then cut some circles out for the buttons on his top and eyes and cut out a triangle for his carrot nose!