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Location: Chingford
28th September 2017

The Toddler Blog- Shaving Foam Madness

The Toddler Blog- Shaving Foam Madness Photo-1
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Our Activity

Shaving Foam Madness

This week we had enrolment week at nursery, which means lots of fun filled activities. On Creative Moments day we decided to get as messy as possible, and what better way to do this than getting out the shaving foam. Owls Room & Rabbits Room (1-2 years) were very excited to participate. The staff members got out the aprons and encouraged the children to put them on, which helps support their Physical Development. Gemma then sprayed the whole table with shaving foam and added some sea animals. Elijah was the first one to approach the table showing excitement as he whooshed his hands through the foam. The children saw Elijah and eased their way over to the table. Saphari was curious about the foam but was slightly withdrawn so a staff member put their hands in the foam and let Saphari feel their fingers, this helps her Personal, Social, Emotional Development as Saphari is relying on a staff member she feels comfortable with to guide her during the activity. Natan picked up the sea animals and started banging them against the table whilst giggling. Amelia then took one of the sea animals and run it across the table causing it to leave a pattern in the foam. She noticed she had made a pattern and continued doing the same action across the rest of the table, supporting her Physical & Mathematical Development.


Why should toddlers engage in messy activities?

Children will experience lots of opportunities to develop their fine motor skills as squishing and squeezing can help develop pre-writing skills. There are also endless opportunities for early Science experiments with mixing, dissolving, temperature and different textures.These messy activities are also excellent for encouraging a wide range of vocabulary. Messy play actually has a crucial role in brain development in the early years of childhood. The brain is more adaptable when we're young so we have the ability to be more imaginative and creative with new and different experiences.


Fun activities to try at home

Puffy Paint- Mix shaving foam and glue together to make a very puffy paint. Add food colouring to make it colourful, then let your child get stuck in!

Cardboard Painting- This is a very simple yet creative activity, Simply get a cardboard box and some paint and let your child get crazy.

Mud Painting- Take your child outdoors to collect some mud. You will then need to add some water to the mud and ensure the texture of it becomes runny. Add some food colouring to the mixture to brighten it up and start getting creative.