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Location: Chingford
16th March 2018

The Toddler Blog- St Patricks Day

The Toddler Blog- St Patrick's Day

In Owls room and Rabbits room, the children had lots of fun engaging in fun filled activities for St Patrick’s Day. Before starting the activity we allowed the children to choose which colour card they would like to use. Oliver shuffled through the card and picked his colour and  Vinnie pointed to the blue card and said “Boo”. After, they were given pencils, pens and dabber pens to decorate their card however they liked. Natan showed a lot of concentration when decorating his card, after each dab with the dabber pen he observed how the marks looked on the card and took his time to choose where his next dab would go. Lewis also enjoyed decorating the card, he dabbed the dabber really hard, making it splat across the page and create different marks. After decorating the card, Grace supported the children whilst they used toilet roll holders to make their shamrocks. We taped 3 toilet roll holders together for the children to hold, we then encouraged the children to dip the holders in some paint and stamp it on their card, creating a shamrock. Robin loved putting her fingers in the paint to feel the texture, after she made the shamrock she run her fingers over the paint and giggled. Next, the children had a chance to make another shamrock with Gemma on the same piece of card. This time, the children were getting even messier and painting their hands! After their hands were full of paint, they stamped their hand 3 times onto the card to make the shape of a shamrock . Oliver L picked up the paintbrush and begun painting his own hand, showing a lot of independence. After the activity, the children were provided with wipes and encouraged to clean themselves up.


How does this activity support the children’s development?

First of all, the children got to pick their own card which encourages independence. Next, when the children were decorating the card they are enhancing their gross motor skills by making marks. During the activity, some of the children spoke about it, which enhances not only their Communication & Language but also their Personal, Social, Emotional development as they are communicating with each other which could create relationships. The activity also supports their Expressive Arts because they are using their imagination and getting creative with the activity.

Fun facts about St Patrick's Day

  • March 17th is when Patrick died.
  • St. Patrick wasn't Irish.
  • St. Patrick used the shamrock to preach about the trinity.
  • Legend says St. Patrick drove all the snakes from Ireland.
  • The Shamrock is not the symbol of Ireland
  • St. Patrick's was a dry holiday in Ireland until 1970.

 St Patrick’s Day activities to try at home


  • Draw Shamrocks with stencils
  • Make a rainbow cake
  • Make a rainbow with finger paints
  • Take a walk and find green things
  • Play with green play dough
  • Listen to Irish music