Location: Chingford
3rd August 2017

The Toddler Blog- Story Time

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Story Time With Toddlers

Our Activity

Rabbits Room (1-2 years), Owls Room (1-2 years) and Squirrels Room (3-15 months) enjoyed reading stories with Gemma, Zalihe and Barbara. We make sure that we provide books at all times for the children in our care. We have a cosy area in each room which has a book shelf with a variety of stories; children can help themselves to these. Whilst reading the stories, Zalihe encouraged the children to find the characters. She said "Amelia, where is Peppa?" Amelia responded by pointing at Peppa in the book. Elijah then said "Peppa" in response to Zalihe; which encourages his Communication and Language Development. The children were encouraging others to join in with their activity and were welcoming towards others showing their Personal Social Emotional Development. Beth enjoyed turning the pages of the books and when the book was held the wrong way Phoebe knew to turn it the correct way. 

Why is reading stories important for children?

  • It boosts their confidence. Children who can read well are more likely to have higher confidence levels. This will benefit them in school as they'll feel able to participate fully in activities.
  • It helps with their language and learning. Stories are a great way to introduce new words and ideas into a child's language. Starting with picture books for the very young, working up to more complex novels for teenagers. Stories can help children learn about concepts such as shape, size, space and colour, up and down, inside and out, numbers and names of objects. 
  • It relaxes them. Reading stories can be helpful for relaxation, before bedtime for example. They allow children to forget the stresses and strains of the day and indulge in fantasy for a while.
  • Development of imagination. Stories can help to develop a child's imagination by introducing new ideas into their world-  ideas about fantastical worlds and other planets, different points in time and invented characters.It will encourage the children to realise that they can and should imagine anything they want.
  • It helps them cope with feelings. When children read stories that contain feelings it can help them understand and accept their own feelings. It helps them understand that there are other children who feel the same and they are not alone.

What areas of development does it support?

  • Communication & Language- reading stories encourages children to use their voice.
  • Personal, Social, Emotional- children enjoy reading stories in groups, this can help them build bonds and relationships with other peers.
  • Understanding The World- reading encourages children to have an imagination.







































Story Time For Toddlers

In Rabbits Room (1-2 years) , Owls Room (1-2 years) and Squirrels Room (3-15 months) the childrgkgbbbbbbn en bbbbbbbbaz\\\\\ enjoyed looking at books with Zalihe, Gemma & Barbara. We encourage thef children to help themselves to the stories