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Location: Edinburgh Park
17th May 2018

The Toddlers have a new room.

The downstairs was painted and new flooring put down at the end of last year which is looking very smart. The training room also had a makeover and is now become the Toddler Room. The children were very excited when they were told they would be getting a new room and staff talked about what their room would look like. The a couple days later the children were shown the room. When one boy found out that they had four toilets he was really excited he came to the office to tell me about the room. When I asked what was good he said " we got 4 toilets" in an excited voice and holding up four fingers. Was so nice to see the excitement. The following week furniture was taken downstairs and set up in the room some of the children got to help with the little things. Then in the afternoon toddlers officially moved downstairs for good. The children were so excited that they just moved about the room exploring all the different areas. There was still a small section that had been blocked off due to things needing to be taken away and waiting for furniture to come. The furniture arrived at the end of last week and was set up for the children so as of monday they have had the full run of the entire room. The children have been very happy with being able to decide when they want to go to the garden as they can now choose due to having easy access out one of their doors.  Parents have also been very happy with the new room which is great. Now to wait for the upstairs to be revamped and see what exciting new things will happen.