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Location: Edinburgh Park
12th February 2018

The Traffic Club

The traffic club has been running for a number of weeks and is going really well. Over the Christmas period there was a break but it has recently started up again and the children are excited to be doing it that when it is not on they are asking the staff  when it is going to be on. One of the toddlers last week wasn't happy about it not being on that day as Louise who usually takes it was off so Jaclyn the room senior took the class so that James would be happy. She did really well and all the children in her room were very pleased especially little James.

They are on week 7 which is all about Wearing bright appropriate clothing that can be seen in the dark. And the last topic was about Gary Green who teaches the children about finding safe places to play such as parks etc. 

There has been such a great response from the children with the traffic club that even one of the parents have asked for the songs and stories as her daughter sings all the songs at home. 

More from the traffic club later.