Location: Edinburgh Park
5th August 2016

The best Chef Ever

Back in April Stuart entered a competition with Busy Bees for an Allergen free dish. He thought hard about what he was going to do and decided on making an eggless meringue. He had several attempts at this until he was satisfied he had a good enough product to enter the competition with. He topped his meringue with a Strawberry mousse and fruit coulis. It looked stunning. The children in preschool were given the opportunity to help Stuart with decorating some of his meringues which they thoroughly enjoyed doing. Once this was done all the children in the nursery got to sample this amazing dish. At first some weren't so sure while others cleaned their plates right up. It was a great success. Now it was time to prepare for the competition itself. Stuart got through to the finals which were held down south. Before he left there was a hive of activity happening to help support him with this competition, recipe cards were made for judges and others to take if they pleased and a floor book created detailing the children's involvement with the dish. Now it was time to get the finishing touches such as napkins, forks etc to give it all the finishing touches and make the presentation look exceptional. The day of the final came and here at Edinburgh Park we were all sitting on tender hooks waiting for the final result. When it came through that Stuart had one there was great excitement within the building and lots jumping for joy. We all knew he could do it and that we had a great Chef but to see all his hard work rewarded was fantastic. So today we celebrated Stuart's win by decorating the courtyard with photos of him and the children. Friends and family were invited to come along and try some of the food that is served to the children especially the winning dish Eggless Meringue. The event started off with some speeches from our divisional and regional directors and also the catering manager. Our special guests Katy from Cyans and Sarah from the soil association both spoke as well. All complemented Busy Bees and Stuart for their efforts they have done in providing good food for children. It was then time to taste the food. Comments about the Meringue were flowing such as "it is as good as Pavlova" , its outstanding, and I just love it.Six children from preschool came and decorated meringues with mousse and fruit and they did very well. It was a great day and a lovely atmosphere. WELL DONE STUART YOU ARE THE BEST.