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Location: Bedford - Elstow
9th October 2017

The new look garden is taking shape !

The nursery  children have been watching and learning about the new garden.  They have been busy reading books about diggers and dump trucks and even drawing and creating their own mini gardens, and dressing up as builders.  This has been a perfect opportunity to learn all about risk taking and discuss health and safety with the children.  The staff have been supporting the children's interest in topic by linking the letter of the week to the garden project.  The children have been using their home learning books to record any objects they find starting with the letter D at home. 

The gardens will soon be fully complete and the children are keen to help define the area and have plans to create mud kitchens as well as calm areas for sharing story time.  We have kept one area for a growing project and will be planting and growing fruit and vegetables with the children over the next year.  We are keen for them to take a real approach to learning and we can't wait to get growing !

We will be planning a grand opening of the garden, date to be confirmed.