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Location: Harlow
25th January 2018

Thrilling Thursday

Thrilling Thursday  Photo-1
Thrilling Thursday  Photo-2

Our fourth day in our enrolment week at our Harlow nursery has been all about things that excite us in our thrilling Thursday activities! We have looked at different things that we find exciting and talked about trying new things.

Babies have enjoyed getting very messy with their exciting body painting activity, they have also been looking at sensory boxes, feeling different textures inside.

In our toddler  they have been talking about holidays and what they do at the weekend, they also drew pictures of holidays and looked at books about expressions.

Harlow's Pre-school have been looking at thrill boxes and discussing different photos of roller-coaster, wall climbing etc and talking about how this would make us feel. They also painted some of their favourite things such as holidays, and took part in risk taking in the garden jumping from heights and building larger towers.