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Location: Norwich Thorpe
21st June 2018

Thrilling Thursday

Down the slide we go
Balancing our way to a goal!
Crawling through the tunnel

Football crazy

We have had a fun filled day playing football today!

In the morning we made assult courses in the garden to move our bodies in lots of different ways. Phew it was such hard work! Babies crawled along and some of our babies that are walking climbed up the climbing frame to whizz to victory! 

Our 2-3's were jumping through tyres and running around the garden, we all had to have a nice cold drink afterwards!

Pre-School used the bikes and road maps to go in and out and pedal as fast as they could!

We then practised dribbling the footballs around cones and the gardens. You may see some of our children competing in the world cup in the years to come!

The final whistle is nearly ready to be blown, one more day to go!