Location: Maidstone - Toad Hall
9th January 2018

Toad Hall's Enrolment Week

During the week beginning the 22nd January - 26th January 2018 we will be doing various activities based around 'new year, new you' some of the activities include:

  • drawing self portraits and talking about our likes, interests and our favourite activities to do.
  • Talking about people who help us such as police, fire service and doctors and setting up various role play activities.
  • Talking about being healthy and cooking some healthy snacks as well as planting our own fruit and vegetables.
  • Talking and looking at different ways to exercise, we will be doing wake and shake and shake and write and yoga throughtout the day. 

Plus many more activities come and have and look at what we will be getting up to by visiting us at Toad Hall.