Location: Southwell
26th July 2017

Toddle Waddle

All of our participants!

Southwell Busy Bees Toddle Waddle.

On Wednesday 26th July 2017, the children and staff participated within a sponsored walk to raise money for Busy Bees chosen charity - Meningitis now! Busy Bees as a whole group are hoping to walk 24,901 miles within this event.

The children took part within a very wet walk in our spacious nursery grounds, encouraging all children and our older babies to get involved and have some fun splashing in the puddles as we walked.

Our generous parents are still in the process of sending in their children's sponsorship money, so please keep your eyes peeled for a final amount raised!

If you would like to donate to such an amazing charity please take a look at the Website - https://www.meningitisnow.org/