Location: Edinburgh Park
28th July 2017

Toddle Waddle

Here at Edinburgh park we are supporting Meningitis Now as our charity along with our other Scottish nursery's. Today is a national fundraising day for Meningitis now called a toddle waddle. The children were given out sponsorship forms to be filled to raise money for this great charity as meningitis can affect not just the little ones but also adults. If you would like information on signs and symptoms then please feel free to take a card with these on  from the table in the courtyard.  Anyway back to the toddle waddle, the children came together in groups just after 10 am and we set about getting ourselves ready with walking partners. Once ready we set off going to the duck pond, the children were all very excited so there was a lot of excited chatter. Along the way the children were pointing out things they were interested in  like the tram, buses, ducks, etc.  On completion of the walk we had done 243, 780 steps which is a good effort then in the afternoon the babies went out with some children who come only in the afternoons. We also had a parent helper which was nice, thanks to her for coming along. Our number of steps increased to 271,572 steps and we have raised so far £420 pounds from just a few of the sponsorship forms. We hope this amount will continue to increase for such a good cause. If you are ever interested in being part of any of our events please contact Sharlene at the Nursery on 01313391245 and she will give you the relevant information.