Location: Tunbridge Wells
17th June 2016

Toddler Exclusivity Classes

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This week we have been having lots of fun in our toddler room.

On Monday we have been creating playdough, using our paint to change the colour of the flour. We got very messy before it became playdough and then we made 'cakes' out of it. The children used different tools to flatten out the playdough and even shape it into making their own unique cakes.

On Tuesday we had great fun being doctors. We were able to use the toy equipment to help make our babies better. We used bandages to take away their 'ouchies'. We had some help from the grown ups when we were using the tools to ensure our babies got better quickly.

On Wednesday we had lots of fun with our different kinds of water. we had green water where we explored different sea animals and the boats that float on top of them. We also had fun creating bubbles with our pouring toys and we used washing up liquid to help us cover the water with lots of bubbles.

On Thursday we took the fun outside where we had fun waving the parachute up and down as we made both balls and upsy-daisy go high into the air.

On Friday we had a few children bring in toys which they enjoyed showing to all their friends. We had a big hit from the fire engine that came today. We had fun getting in and out of the fire engine, we loved spraying the hose and having a talk from the firemen. We even got to have some photos with Nathan who dressed up as a fireman!