Location: Nottingham - Daybrook
20th February 2017

Toddlers Making Play Dough

Toddlers Making Play Dough Photo-1
Toddlers Making Play Dough Photo-2
Toddlers Making Play Dough Photo-3
Toddlers Making Play Dough Photo-4
Toddlers Making Play Dough Photo-5
Toddlers Making Play Dough Photo-6

Today the toddlers and Abi began to make their very own play dough. The children used their fine motor skills to mix; stir and add the ingredients.  

The children used their speech and language to talk about the textures; scents and colors that the children could see. They also used the objects by using their knowledge of how objects are used, then Abi spoke about the process of making play dough and the steps to create this. 

The Babble to Chatter enhancement supports the children with using singular words; phrases and then begin to use simple sentences. This will support the children with their speech and language and begin to understand the use of words in play. It will also support children with building relationships with both children and adults. This one of the main positives to having a key worker system within the nursery. It supports children with building relationships and will have a staff member that can support the children's learning; development and well being whilst at nursery.