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Location: Edinburgh Park
8th March 2018

Traffic Club comes to an end.

Traffic club is coming to an end. The last lesson is being taught and it is about Danger Dave who did not want to stay at the curb because he was in a hurry. He goes to cross the road and has an accident breaking his leg and having to use a wheel chair. The children are learning that although you might be in a hurry you must always stay safe and wait till there are no cars before crossing the road. The children have been enjoying traffic club so much that the staff are going to start from the beginning again so that any new children to the rooms get to hear about it and learn how to be safe and those that have enjoyed it so much get to do it again. Traffic club had been really great and then has been so much positive talk about it that all the staff in the toddler room and preschool know most if not all the songs and are able to run the programme themselves. Well done Louise Gillespie for introducing it to the nursery.