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Location: Edinburgh Park
17th November 2017

Traffic Club

We have started a 9 week programme  on Traffic safety for children from the week beginning 6th November and it is going really well with the children beginning to teach others what they are learning. Just yesterday Robbie from preschool was showing his mum what he had been learning. When they came downstairs to the courtyard he began getting out the cones, road signs and the crossing mat to show his mum. He took his mum to the crossing and began instructing her on how you have to look left and right first then listen and then you can cross the road.It was really lovely to see this going on.  Several days ago in the toddler room they were recapping on what they had been learning about traffic lights and what they mean.When I walk into the room Murray calls out stop  and holds his hand up, then when asked what colour the stop is he replies red. Others began telling me about the green and orange lights and what they mean. One child calls out go for green and other tells me that the orange light means to get ready to go. So as you can see from these little observations the children are very interested in the the traffic club and are learning a lot of knew skills. 

Each week is a different topic and over  the past 2 weeks they have been learning about what a kerb is and that you must stop at the kerb, about the colours of a traffic light/crossing light and learning about the different traffic signs that are out there. To consolidate this learning the children have gone on walks to look at the road signs and traffic lights and put into practice the learning that has been taking place. Over the next weeks there will be other topics covered so be sure to ask your preschool or toddler child what they have learnt in traffic club. Please pass onto their room any interesting comments they come home with so we can see how things are progressing and keep you updated and following topics.