Location: Ashford (Trinity Rd)
2nd March 2017

Trip to the Shop

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At Ashford Trinity Road each month we have a new group of children on the 'Pre-School Council' who meet and discuss what they would like to change, or add to their room. 

For March our chosen candidates are; Ethan, Sasha, Lilly and Charlie. At their first meeting together, the group decided they would like more magazines to read in the room. That day, they got on their high vis vests and took the short trip to the local shop.

"I'll take this 50 pounds" said Ethan holding the ten pound note we were taking with us.

At the shop, the children were very excited looking at the different things on the shelves'

"O my, I have been in this shop before!" said Sasha.

Each child selected a different magazine that they would like to take back to nursery to share with their friends.

"Peppa Pig!"

We waited in the line and Ethan handed the money over to the lady behind the till, she gave us our change and we were soon on our way back to nursery. The children in the room were very happy to sit down and look at the different illustrations and stories in the magazines.

Good suggestion Council members! We can't wait to see what they suggest next!