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Location: Guiseley
28th September 2017

Tulips Autumn Experience

Tulips Autumn Experience Photo-1
Tulips Autumn Experience Photo-2

As part of Autumn week at nursery, Tulips children created a 3D tree. The children gathered and collected leaves they would use from the garden. 

They collected small leaves and big ones, and there was lots of different shapes. 

When it came to creating the tree, many of the children got involved and painting a box which was to be the tree trunk, getting very messy in the process!

The children enjoyed the task and were very enthusiastic with how it looked afterwards. Once it had dried in the afternoon the children were then able to stick leaves on that were picked from the garden. 

The children loved getting sticky and were fascinated by the colours which was extended by adding different coloured paints.

What a great team effort!