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Location: Rainham
14th February 2018

Valentines Day

Valentines Day 14th February 2018

Throughout the day the children of Meredale Day Nursery shared the love with family and friends with lots of heart-warming activities.

They each made either a card or painting for their loved one to show off their talents and love.  They used a mixture of different paint colours, glue and photos from home.  Some of the children decided to paint their hands and feet and print them on to flower templates as a gift for their loved one.

Throughout the day the children spoke about their loved ones with each other and what they meant to them.

‘My Daddy got my mummy flowers today!’ said a very excited little girl!

Children were also able to bake a cookie.  Mixing the ingredients they had carefully measured out.  They then shaped these into a love heart shape, fitting for the day.  These were dished out at home time for the children to gift to who they wished….I wonder how many made it home!?!