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Location: Peterborough - H.Hargate
19th January 2018

Visit from Mugly - World's ugliest dog

Last year our nursery played host to Mugly, one of the winners of The World’s Ugliest Dog title as he was on his journey of completing this Bucket list. Mugly’s visit was filmed  by a TV crew, who also visited the nursery.

Mugly, a fully trained therapy dog with unfortunate appearance, joined the children in Pre-school to read a story, share cuddles and bring an important message of being accepting and welcoming to all, irrespective of how they look.

Children also loved taking part in making a film and were very excited to be on camera and see themselves on TV.

Mugly unfortunately since passed away. The footage was, however, included in the ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Dogs: Top 100, which went on air in January 2018.