Location: Bromborough
26th October 2016

Visit from the police

Visit from the police Photo-1
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Our children loved their special visit from the police today!! 

After a special talk, they were able to sit in the police car sound the siren and lights, try on some uniform items and have their pictures taken to share with parents.

A local representative from Wirral Borough Council also popped in and talked to the children about road safety, leaving lots of goodies for the children so that they can learn more about ways to stay safe near roads.

We asked them to come along to our nursery to talk to the children about Road Safety, Stranger Danger, important numbers (999. We talked about the different sounds of ambulances, police cars etc and the different colours of lights and what this means i.e. when the lights are flashing red, the police car has stopped or if they are flashing  blue the police car needs to go, possibly to an emergency.

Pre-school also focused on the lettering of the signs around the area and were able to distinguish between lower and higher case letters with help from Mike the policeman.

We intend to use this experience to further extend children’s knowledge and understanding of people who help us and ways to stay safe.

It was a wonderful experience for the children as even the toddlers and pre-toddlers were given the opportunity to take part.