Location: Harlow
2nd June 2017

WOW activities

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The children at our Harlow nursery have been very busy recently getting stuck into lots of different activities. The staff have really focused on enabling the environments within the rooms, create bigger and interactive activities to promote engagement. 

The children have been keen to see what new and exciting activities they have available each day. The children have been learning new things, such as textures and taste through food tasting and learning about space and planets in pre-school with our rocket play. 

Some of the highlights have been:

  • Sensory play - using our senses through food tasting
  • Pirate ship role play and making our own maps
  • Beach role play - the children loved the floor being a sand pit!
  • Winnie's witch - Making exploding potions 
  • Road safety - Using cardboard cars and traffic lights to follow rules
  • Princes and princesses - With a castle and horses!
  • Gardening station - Lots of soil and planting seeds
  • Space - A tent transformed into a space ship with rockets!
  • Dinosaur gloop - Dinosaur threading in green gloop

​We have loved having interactive activities and staff have been creating amazing ideas! The children have loved being involved in all different activities and they have promoted a wide variety of learning. Children have been using their imaginations to role play, as well as communication and language. They have been getting physical with obstacle courses, explore new media with mud, gloop and potions etc. Learning about science with exploding potions and so much more!

"It has been lovely to see how involved all the children have been with every activity. Parents and children have been excited to come into nursery to see what is awaiting them in their rooms each day!  Each activity provides so many different learning intentions and sparks children's imaginations and excitement to learn" ~ Hayley Yeta - Room Manager