Location: Norwich Meridian
7th April 2017

Walk to the local duck pond

Walk to the local duck pond Photo-1
Walk to the local duck pond Photo-2
Walk to the local duck pond Photo-3

Some of our 2-3s children went to feed the ducks at our nearby pond. They took them some bread and were very excited to see the ducks. The children sang "5 little ducks" as they walked with the staff, holding hands and learning all about how to cross the road safely. 

They were very excited to tell us all about it when they returned to nursery. A particular highlight of the walk was seeing the bin lorry at the local cafe. The next day we watched the bin lorry visit nursery to empty our bins and the children were fascinated. 

The rest of the week the children have been playing hook a duck in the garden and painting pictures of ducks. Some of our parents have also taken their children to visit the ducks at the pond too.