Location: Ilford
5th June 2017

Water Play!

Water Play!

The children throughout the nursery have had a fun filled week enjoying the warm weather.

We had various activities throughout each age group to keep the children as cool as possible, including bubble play, washing cars, tubes and funnels, tuff spot splash, water painting and many more.

One particular activity was peppermint water with boats and ducks! This kept the children engaged for a long period of time, testing out what could make the boat sink, discussing which was heavier when choosing objects to put in the boats. They also sang 5 little ducks, swimming the ducks around in the water, and counting them as they sang their song.

If this is something your little one would love to take part in, call us today on 0208 599 0066 to join us. One of our experienced staff member with give you a guided tour while your here too!