Location: Ingleby Barwick
4th August 2017

We Love the Rain!

We Love the Rain! Photo-1
We Love the Rain! Photo-2
We Love the Rain! Photo-3
We Love the Rain! Photo-4
We Love the Rain! Photo-5

Here at Nursery we like it when it rains, it doesn't stop us from exploring!

Today it slowly but surely started to rain; starting off lightly and then became heavier!

We popped our Busy Bees poncho's on and out we went!

We splashed in the puddles and flew around the garden like Busy Bees!

We added powder paint to puddles and watched them change colour and we even found a slug too!

We brought him inside to talk about him with our friends and watched as he made his trail before we put him back in the garden to be on his way!

Fun times!