Location: Preston - Lytham
24th January 2018

We had a visit from

We had a visit from  Photo-1
We had a visit from  Photo-2
We had a visit from  Photo-3

Today we have been learning all about people who help us. We had a visit this morning from 2 local PCSO's from Kirkham Police Station, where we learnt all about the wondeful jobs that the police do. 

We got to try on some police outfits, see how the handcuffs and batons work and have a go on the police radio. 

In the afternoon we had a visit from Lytham Fire Station with some firefighters and the fire engines. They taught us all about fire and how we get out of a building if it is on fire. We got to test a fire alarm so we knew how to test our fire alarm at home. Then we got to go and see the fire engine try, see all the equipment, get on board and try out the hose and even pretend to drive with the helmet on.