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8th February 2017

We have raised £90,093.74 for Winston's

We have raised £90,093.74 for Winston's Photo-1
We have raised £90,093.74 for Winston's Photo-2
We have raised £90,093.74 for Winston's Photo-3
We have raised £90,093.74 for Winston's Photo-4

We are thrilled to announce that we have raised a total of £90,093.74 for our 2016 charity partner, Winston’s Wish – the charity for bereaved children in the UK.

As part of our year-long fundraising partnership, staff, parents and children from our 267 nurseries worked hard to support the charity by hosting a variety of different events and fundraising activities.

The funds raised will help fund a C.U.B.S programme for children under 5, further implement practitioner-led therapeutic services, regional drop-in sessions and the National Helpline. It will also fund the creation and forthcoming publication of a book designed specifically for pre-school age children to help them come to terms with bereavement.

Fergus Crow, CEO of Winston’s Wish, said:

“We’re incredibly touched by the hard work and generosity of everyone involved in Busy Bees nurseries. To have raised over £90,000 for Winston’s Wish is truly incredible and everyone within our organisation is thankful for their support.

“The money raised is truly life changing for many families who have suffered a bereavement. It will enable us to provide more support and more resources for the children and families who need us.

“A huge thank you to every single person at Busy Bees; to the 267 nurseries across the UK, to the staff who have worked tirelessly and to all of the families who have supported us. Thank you.”

Marg Randles, our Co-Founder and Managing Director commented:

“I think I can speak for the whole team at Busy Bees when I say that we’re so proud of the hard work our staff, parents and children have put in this year to raise money for our charity partner, Winston’s Wish. Facing the death of someone close to us is something no one should have to face in isolation, let alone as a child, which is why the work that Winston’s Wish carries out is so commendable.

“It’s vitally important that there are specialists on hand throughout the UK to guide young people through the grieving process, giving them somewhere, and someone, to turn to in their time of need.”

The money we have raised, which is still being collected, is due to fund therapy and support sessions for individuals and families that need support following the most fundamental loss they will ever face. The specialist book to help Under 5’s come to terms with their bereavement is due to be launched in Autumn 2017.