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Location: Welwyn - Mardley Hill
2nd March 2018

We love the Snow!

We love the Snow! Photo-1
We love the Snow! Photo-2
We love the Snow! Photo-3
We love the Snow! Photo-4

What a wonderful, wintery week we are having at nursery this week! 

Thick, warm and waterproof clothing was worn along with our colourful Wellington boots as we ventured outside for a play in the snow. The children had such a lovely time playing with their friends and Key People as the snow fell from the pure white sky. 

So many lovely descriptive words were used to explain the snow and its effect on the outdoor earning environment along with some lovely wintery songs....'I'm a Little Snowman' and 'Dashing through the Snow' 

The children returned into the warmth of their base rooms for warm milk and homemade cookies before making their very own snowflakes using various creative media. 

What a wonderful week!

If you would like further information on the exciting events we have planned for the forthcoming months please contact Laura the Nursery Manager on: 01438 840138 and she will be very happy to help.