Location: Preston - Lytham
20th July 2017

We went to the zoo zoo zoo

We went to the zoo zoo zoo Photo-1
We went to the zoo zoo zoo Photo-2
We went to the zoo zoo zoo Photo-3
We went to the zoo zoo zoo Photo-4
We went to the zoo zoo zoo Photo-5
We went to the zoo zoo zoo Photo-6

On Thursday 20th July, we took our Class 3 leave on a trip to the zoo. We cannot give the 10 children enough credit for their impeccable behaviour whilst at the zoo, they were polite, well-behaved and kind throughout the day. We were proud to show that we were from busy bee's nursery with such amazing children. 

Firstly, we jumped aboard our buses, and sang most of the way to the zoo. All the children were buzzing with excitement, we spotted various things amongst the way that the children liked to talk about, for example, Visits to McDonalds, the windmill in Lytham an we even saw a massive crane. 

When we arrived at the Zoo, the children had to follow rules, to keep them, and the animals safe, the children did this perfectly. We made it round the park in time to see the sea lion display, the children loved this and we got to sit right at the front. We had a spot of lunch that Maureen had kindly prepared for us and then managed to see all the other animals the children had asked for. We saw, Monkeys and Monkeys with moustaches, Lions (but they were sleeping), Elephants, Giraffe's, Camels, Warthogs and Birds.

We are very, very proud of our children, and will miss them so, so  much but we wish them an amazing new. exciting journey in their new schools.

Good Luck Class 3 Leavers!!