Location: Reigate
18th August 2016

Weekly Memo 15.8.16

This week we have been playing with the large footballs in the garden, we have been on a walk to the fields. We have enjoyed moving to the music and singing lots of songs. At the moment we are really interested in playing with the senory balls and toys that make different sounds and light up.

Next week we are exploring coloured sand and making marks using our hands. We will be cooking and exploring colours using bright coloured paints. We are going to make some playdough too.

Please could we remind you that all children require a sun hat at nursery along with cool loose fitting clothing to keep them cool in the warm weather?

Can parents please bring in photos of the family and pets so we can create a family tree board? Please note that photos can be taken of you all together in nursery!

Bunnies (Pre-Tods)

This wee we went on an adventure to the fields and played with the footballs. We made lemon cakes and played a number recognition game with our carpark and toy cars. We have enjoyed exploring playdough and sand play too.

Next week we will be cooking, painting, textured gloop play and exploring musical instruments.

We are putting together a music selection from home. Please let us know your favorite songs or your children’s favorite songs to help get them to sleep and settle during the day.

Tigers and Pandas

This week we have been making carnival maks to celebrate the Olympics. We have been listening to Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs and then painted our own dinosaurs from the book. We have also enjoyed playin with our beach balls in the garden.

Next week will be making salt dough medals to celebrate the Olympic closing ceremony. We will also be making musical sounds to celebrate Notting Hill Carnival.

To avoid any confusion please remember to label children’s shoes and hats.

Please could you fill in and bring back the activities for home and any home observations which will help with your child’s development.


Message from Laura;

‘Please expect tears next week.. I would like to thank youall for letting me be a part of Pre-School. I have loved my time here and I am happy to have had an extra month. I wish you and your children all the best for the future. Laura J’

This week we have enjoyed using the pattern stencils. We have loved singing this week; walking in the jungle and where’s the dinosaur have been firm favourites.

Next week:

Art- Paper Mache

Literacy- Robots

Numeracy- Number Treasure Hunt