Location: Godalming - Binscombe
25th February 2017

Weekly Memo W/C 20th February 2017


This week we have been exploring how we can use our hands to make marks in the wet sand. We also used our senses to explore some bright paints.

We have enjoyed dancing to music and using the instruments to create our own sounds.

When the weather has been nice we have been in the garden. At the moment lots of us are learning how to get on and off of the ride on toys safely.


This week we went on a listening walk to the field. We listened for the birds making noises and the cars driving past. We also liked to have races across the big field.

We have been talking lots about the weather, especially when it has been windy.

We are also focusing on promoting independence. With it being the season for colds and snotty noses we are trying really hard to blow and clean our noses all by ourself.


The letter of the week this week I for Igloo. We spoke about objects that began with I; such as ice cream and igloo’s. We used construction toys to create our own. We created and ice cream shop in the garden to sell our model ice creams.

We have also been very interested in building boats with the big wooden blocks. We have explored senses with different scented water in our water tray.

In our home corner we have really enjoyed playing picnics. We liked to lay it all on the rug for our friends to join in.