Location: Reigate
27th May 2016

Weekly Memo for Reigate


This week we enjoyed cooking with the pre toddlers. We learnt how to balance 5 blocks and then enjoyed knocking them down too. During song time we really enjoyed playing with the musical instruments. We have also enjoyed exploring the soft animals and practising making their sounds.  This week we have also been welcoming lots of new friends that will be joining us at nursery over the next couple of weeks.

Next week we will be cooking cheese straws with pre toddlers. We will also be exploring ice and water play in the garden – weather permitting.

http://www.ledstonchildcare.co.uk/_/rsrc/1398793178335/parent-partnership/Parent%20Partnership.jpg?height=200&width=200- Can parents please bring in photos of the family and pets so we can create a family tree board? Please note that photos can be taken of you all together in nursery!

Bunnies (Pre-Tods)

This week in Bunnies we really enjoyed making our chocolate slices. They were very yummy. We have been using our senses to explore different media such as coloured wet sand, coloured rice and water.

We have been practicing lots of new words this week too.

Next week we will be making playdough. We will be exploring water and ice play and making cheese straws too.

http://www.ledstonchildcare.co.uk/_/rsrc/1398793178335/parent-partnership/Parent%20Partnership.jpg?height=200&width=200    We are putting together a music selection from home. Please let us know your favourite songs or your children’s favourite songs to help get them to sleep and settle during the day.

Tigers and Pandas

This week we have really enjoyed music and movement – our favourite is the nursery rhyme CD.

We have also enjoyed exploring the water play in the garden and playing hide and seek in the tunnels.

Next week we will be celebrating national family week. Syama will be reading us a traditional Hindu story about families. We will also be drawing and painting our families. On Friday we will be making ginger bread men.

http://www.ledstonchildcare.co.uk/_/rsrc/1398793178335/parent-partnership/Parent%20Partnership.jpg?height=200&width=200- Please could you fill in and bring back the activities for home and any home observations which will help with your child’s development.


Graduation will be on the 6th August at 10am- 12pm. It’s a lovely chance to say one final goodbye and everyone is welcome.

This week we have enjoyed making sand pictures using lots of different coloured sand. We have really enjoyed playing doctors and putting slings on each other.  We have also been using paper and scissors to cut shapes.

Next week we are going to be doing-

Art- Collaging

Literacy- Rhyming pairs

Numeracy- Treasure hunt.

Please remember if you are leaving for school the office need 2 months notice of leaving. Please find the leavers forms in the white parent folder in reception.

http://www.ledstonchildcare.co.uk/_/rsrc/1398793178335/parent-partnership/Parent%20Partnership.jpg?height=200&width=200- The next block of lessons with the Dinky Dance Crew starts on 1st June. Sign up now if you are interested.