Location: Reigate
12th August 2016

Weekly Memo


This week we have really enjoyed building with all sorts of construction. We particularly like the big duplo bricks. We have enjoyed exploring the sensory room and all of the light up toys. On Thursday we made some yummy rocky road with Amy.

Next week we will be exploring ice play. We have frozen lots of different shapes and colours to explore – this will be in perfect timing with the hot weather we are due.  With this please could we remind you that all children require a sun hat at nursery along with cool loose fitting clothing to keep them cool in the warm weather.

Can parents please bring in photos of the family and pets so we can create a family tree board? Please note that photos can be taken of you all together in nursery!

Bunnies (Pre-Tods)

This week we have enjoyed exploring mixing sand and water and water and shredded paper together. We got very messy. This was good for our sensory development and communication skills. We have really enjoyed exploring the mirror tunnel and have liked taking books in there to read with our friends.

Next week we will be setting up a dinosaur land for all the children to explore – the children really love the small world dinosaurs at the moment. We will also be exploring the musical instruments and how we can play them when we are singing.

We are putting together a music selection from home. Please let us know your favourite songs or your children’s favourite songs to help get them to sleep and settle during the day.

Tigers and Pandas

This week we have enjoyed exploring everything messy – we particularly enjoyed the gloop play. We have really enjoyed using paints and exploring mixing colours. We have also been building big train tracks and tall towers using construction toys.

Next week we will be making different sized sand castles and making masks for carnival week.

To avoid any confusion please remember to label children’s shoes and hats.

Please could you fill in and bring back the activities for home and any home observations which will help with your child’s development.


A huge thank you to all that attended the Pre-School graduation and made the day so special for all the children who are going to big school.

This week the children have really enjoyed exploring the construction area. They have enjoyed building with the hollow blocks and using them as a balancing beam.

We have enjoyed acting out the role of our key people and taking registers of all our friends.

We are making a display about our favourite bedtime stories. If you could send a photo to the nursery of your child at bedtime with their story that would be fab.

Next week:

Art- Splatter painting

Literacy- Rhyming books

Numeracy- Playdough