Location: Ilford
13th March 2017

Welcome to our Canadian Island

Welcome to our Canadian Island

Bart has been busy again creating fantastic tuff trays for the children to explore.

This time Bart has made a Canadian island. He used lots of natural resources to make this activity as lifelike as possible. He added different levels, textures, and a river to capture the children's imagination.

The children were very excited when they saw what had been made for them, they were able to explore the different textures, and interact with their peers, sharing their experiences with each other and helping to develop confidence speaking out in front of a group. This simple activity captured their imaginations and they can't wait to see what Bart makes next.

If you would like to see these wonderful activities for yourself, and let your little ones join in, why not give us a call on 0208 599 0066 to see what our Ilford nursery has to offer.