Location: Godalming - Bridge Road
13th June 2016

We're Outstanding, again!

The nursery received this exceptional ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted, the official body for inspecting schools, after attaining a perfect score in three areas of inspection which include; meeting the needs of the range of children who attend, contributing to the well-being of the children, and the effectiveness of the leadership and management.  


Ofsted praised the nurseries partnership with parents, noting that; 

“Staff provide parents with extensive support. Parents are extremely complimentary about the setting and comment on how completely involved they are in their children’s learning.” 


The staff team at the nursery were also praised for being “exceptionally caring and attentive to all children's needs” with Ofsted going on to say; 

“Children are extremely happy and secure. Staff act as excellent role models and children behave exceptionally well. All staff use exemplary methods to encourage children to listen to and respect each other”  


Child development was given a special mention as Ofsted recognised that; 

 “Staff have an outstanding understanding of how children develop and are highly skilled in observing and assessing children's progress. The quality of teaching is exemplary. Children develop extremely positive attitudes to learning. All children make excellent progress in their learning from their starting points..” 


Continuing their praise, Ofsted said; 

“The managers are truly inspirational leaders. Their enthusiasm and commitment to drive for improvement is reflected in all aspects of the setting. They lead a highly impressive team that work exceptionally hard to maintain the highest levels of practice."

If you would like to read the report in full please follow the link: