Location: Godalming - Binscombe
17th March 2017

What have we been up to?

What have we been up to this week?


Bluebells have had a very busy week of water play and painting. They have been doing some beautiful green sponge painting for there St Patrick ’s Day celebrations, and making something special for our mummy’s for mothers day.

We have been doing lots of work on our talk time baskets this week, our favourite is definitely our old McDonald had a farm basket.

We have also been to visit the train station this week.


Buttercups have been exploring textures this week and doing some big painting in the garden using food colouring.

We have been doing lots of singing and dancing this week and playing football out on the field.

One of our big focuses have been mothers day this week making special presents for all our lovely mummies.


The letter of the week this week is R for Robots. Some of us have been making them at home and we have been drawing them in our mark making area.

We have been doing lots of work in are garden this week getting ready for the summer. We have really enjoyed having the hose pipe out cleaning down our water works and getting our wellies on and stamping in the puddles we created.

We have been using our new ICT toys this week. We have been looking at direction using our new BeeBot and discovering bugs using our new microscope.