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Location: Godalming - Binscombe
11th May 2018

What have we been up to


This week the children in Bluebells have really enjoyed playing with bubbles. They have been practising blowing them and also enjoyed chasing them around the garden.

There has been lots of focus on physical development this week – in the garden they have explored the tunnels and practiced crawling/climbing over and under soft play bricks. This encouraged the children to explore moving in different ways and developed their special awareness.

The Children have been experimenting with different cups and jugs and have been practising their pouring skills.


This week Buttercups have also been focusing on all thinsg physical. They have enjoyed a water obstacle course. The staff set up various builders’ trays full of water and supported the children with making their way around and through the trays. They also completed an obstacle course using cones, balls and balancing beams.

The children have been exploring sea animals. The staff hid the sea animals in the water tray and encouraged the children to identify the animals that they could find.

They have also been developing fien motor skills by painting using cars.



Woodlands have been exploring colour this week. They have engaged in various colour mixing activities such as; ice and paint, cars and paint and a beautiful colour wheel that they could mix using brushes.

Paulina has introduced a new registration time to help with preparation for school. staff read through the regioster with the children to identify who is and isn’t here today. They then dicuss the letter and number of the week. The children have really enjoyed thinking of words that begin with the letter W. They have also explored different forms of the number 13 – such as a tally chart or 13 spots.

Hot topic of conversation this week has been about how we protect ourselves from the sun using sun cream and making sure we wear sunhats.

The letter of the week next week is K for Katherine

The number of the week for next week is 3