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Location: Godalming - Binscombe
22nd June 2018

What have we been up to this week?


Bluebells have really enjoyed playing outside this week! Lots of running around, riding the bikes and playing in the water and sand trays!

Some of the children from bluebells came and joined buttercups for the full body painting! It was lots of fun and the babies loved it!

The bluebells children have loved playing in the role play area, using all the dressing up, playing with the role play food trying to encourage the children to widen there range of vocabulary


In Buttercups we have really enjoyed body painting. We covered the floor in paper and covered it with paint and let the children play in the paint and see what different marks the can make with different parts of their bodies! Very messy! But very fun!

We’ve been focusing a lot on our planned activities this week which include, going on a bug hunt, building lots of different buildings with cardboard boxes, then decorating them, seeing if the children can collect the correct foods that are on their shopping list!

Buttercups have loved playing in the mud this week! All the children in buttercups love to get messy! We have had lots of fun using the spades and rakes collecting enough sticky mud to make a mud sandcastle!


Woodlands have been looking at all different letters this week! Seeing if the children are able to spot the letter of the week which was I, using all different methods including, Paint, The light box, threading and the computer!

Woodlands have loved playing with the diggers in the garden this week! They put a mud tray out and put various objects in there to see if the children are able to find them! They really enjoyed this activity!

Woodlands have really settled into their new routine within the room! They love the canteen inspired lunches, Class registration every morning, the letter and number of the week and they all love yoga in the afternoons!

The letter of the week next week is J

The number of the week for next week is 9