Location: Stevenage - Great Ashby
24th August 2016

What our parents say................

What our parents say................

We hope all our school leavers keep in touch and visit in the future, here are a few comments from their parents...............

"After almost 8 years altogether, we are now at the end of our time, it will be strange to get to September and not be coming in. We would like to thank you for the love and support you have shown both our children over the years they have grown into happy, confident children, ready for their transition to big school."

" You have such a lovely nursery and both our children have been very happy since starting in the baby room all the way up to pre-school. All the staff have been amazing and we can't thank you enough."

"Thank you for everything you have done over the past year, it has been wonderful to watch our son grow and he has really enjoyed himself."

" You teach effectively towards the foundation of her knowledge, we hear her singing, dancing, reading her books and counting numbers, she is now a confident speaker, that's all a big learning for our little one, you are the reason behind these wonderful achievements."

" Our son has continued to thrive because of your gifts of nurturing, teaching and care. We have seen some tremendous growth in his social skills, speech and creative play. I know the gifts you have given our child are truly priceless and a simple thank you is not enough."