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Location: Leicester - Blaby
6th February 2018

Whats in here???

Whats in here??? Photo-1
Whats in here??? Photo-2
Whats in here??? Photo-3
Whats in here??? Photo-4
Whats in here??? Photo-5
Whats in here??? Photo-6

What, Where and Who objects box?

​Children in Blaby's Toddler room (aged 2-3) have been taking it in turns to use our what, where and who box this week to encourage their personal and social development in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Staff placed familiar objects in the surprise box and encouraged the children to take it in turns to put their hand inside and see what they could feel.

This activity encourages not only turn taking but also encourages children to identify and put into words objects that are familiar to them whilst extending and using their senses and vocabulary.  The activity saw children who are not as keen on working closely with others engage in small group activities, focus and follow basic instructions. 

​Why dont you have a go and see what is in our surprise box?