Location: Ilford
6th March 2017

When the children met Suzie

When the children met Suzie

On Monday 6th March we had a very special visitor to the nursery, Karen's newest addition to her family, Suzie the chick.

Suzie the chick was born on Monday 13th February.

At 3 weeks old, Karen brought Suzie into nursery to meet the children.

All the children stroked her feathers, some were soft and some were hard. Karen explained to the children it was because Suzie was loosing her soft chick feathers and growing her adult feathers. All the children were very excited about Suzie being a black chicken, and they found it very funny when she made chirpy noises.

This was a fantastic experience for the children, learning about chickens and where they come from. This was also the first time some of our children had been in close contact with a pet, and they absolutely loved it!