Location: Bexleyheath
8th July 2016


Wimbledon  Photo-1
Wimbledon  Photo-2
Wimbledon  Photo-3

Wimbledon is a fantastic annual sporting event and is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. International tennis players are brought together to play on grass and battle it out to win one of 5 titles, the most high profile being the Men's and Women's Singles titles.

 Tennis is a brilliant sport for children to play, so Busy Bees are going to be taking part in a variety of activities through out the day and dressing in their sports wear.

Children playing tennis will help them practise using large and small equipment. It also allows children to show awareness of space and move with control and co-ordination

The children had lots of fun dressing in their Tennis gear and played lots of Tennis games and rallied against each other. After their fun activities the children then sat down for Strawberries and ice-cream.