Location: Glenrothes - Pinewood
6th July 2017

Wimbledon at Glenrothes

Wimbledon at Glenrothes Photo-1
Wimbledon at Glenrothes Photo-2
Wimbledon at Glenrothes Photo-3
Wimbledon at Glenrothes Photo-4

Pre School boys and girls have been busy learning all about Wimbledon, we discussed how you play tennis, what you will need to have a game of tennis and what famous people we know that plays tennis. We made a display on all the findings we gathered and the art work we made in our room. We made our own tennis rackets from using a sieves we own from our sand tray within the room and also created art work from using tennis balls to paint. One child said, 'They use a tennis ball to play tennis and so does my doggy'. We plan to send our display that we are proud of all the way to Andy Murray himself in the hope he replies to us with some more information that we could share to our children. 

-Pre-School Room Manager