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Location: Quedgeley
4th October 2017

World Animal Day

Today we had lots of animal themed activities for the children to explore and learn about the different animals.

Some of the activities the children have enjoyed today were-

* A sensory farm- lots of textures were included on the tray for babies to touch including hay, soil, cereal, grass and slime! The children enjoyed exploring these with their hands and moving the animals around the different areas on the tray.

*Muddy pigs sensory tray- This activity the children had fun using the mud to paint on pictures of pigs making them very muddy! Not only is this a good sensory activity for the children it was good to encourage their motor skills holding the paintbrushes and their coordination to actually paint on the picture of the pigs!

*Animal sticking- Here the children could choose which animals they wanted to stick on their pictures, it encouraged the children's use of language the older children were able to talk about the animals and the younger ones liked to hear and imitate the animal sounds

*Circle time- Some of the children in preschool bought in pictures of their pets today which gave them the opportunity to share with their friends at circle time. This is another great opportunity to encourage the children's speech and language, confidence and social skills.