Location: Ilford
2nd March 2017

World Book Day Nursery Celebrates

World Book Day Nursery Celebrates Photo-1
World Book Day Nursery Celebrates Photo-2

Staff and children alike had lots of fun at nursery today, celebrating World Book Day.  There were many characters in attendance from Postman Pat, Goldilocks, to Tinkerbell and The Hungry Caterpillar.  Staff joined in with all the fun, creating their very own story about healthy eating.  Below is their story, all the children at nursery enjoyed the story, and thought that their outfit was very funny!!

There once were two girls named Keeley and Karina who loved to eat chips.  And all they would eat was chips!  Chips for breakfast, chips for lunch and chips for dinner, and do you know what, they even ate chips for snack time too!

They ate so many chips that nobody could get them to eat anything else.

And do you know what happened next? …… Because they ate so many chips they turned into a portion of chips.

Everybody started to laugh at them, they pointed and made jokes, this made Karina and Keeley very sad and they began to cry, they didn’t know what to do, they didn’t want to look like chips anymore.

So do you know what they did?  They decided to go and see Janet and Kathleen in the nursery kitchen for their help.

Janet and Kathleen taught them all about healthy eating, as it wasn’t very good to eat chips all of the time.

They told Karina and Keeley that it is very important to eat healthy food, they showed us lots of different ingredients including lots of lovely fruit and vegetables.

They also showed us how to follow recipes and let us taste lots of different foods, which we actually though was rather yummy.

They told us how important it is to eat three meals a day and include a well balanced nutritious diet.

And so Keeley and Karina decided to NOT eat any more chips and began to eat all these lovely new foods they have been introduced to, from chicken and fish and vegetable pie, apples, tomatoes, potatoes and cheese, yoghurt, banana and pasta bake, all washed down with lots of water to drink.

Then with all this exciting food they now ate, Keeley and Karina felt and looked great!!