Location: Hull
2nd March 2017

World Book Day!

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​World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March 2017

Today at nursery the children dressed up for world book day and some of the children brought in their favourite story books from home which they liked to share with their friends. In the Toddler room the children enjoyed reading the story book 'the tiger who came for tea', after reading this the children made some tiger masks so that they could role play their own tiger story!

The children in the Toddler room also did an extreme reading challenge which was to see who could find the best and funniest place to sit and read their story book. We had children sitting outside in the tyres, pretending to sit on the toilet to read and also reading whilst playing on the seesaw. The children thought this challenge was very exciting and fun and loved taking part in it.

In Preschool the children enjoyed making their own favourite character masks, they talked about what their favourite book was and who was their favourite character in them. They also enjoyed reading the story book 'Owls babies' after reading this story book the children in Preschool made some yummy 'owl baby crispy buns' and they was very excited to show their parents what they had been making.