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Location: Formby
18th June 2018

World Cup Enrolment Week

This week is our national enrolment week. We will be theming our enrolment week around the World Cup. This will involve celebrating a different country everyday. 

This week we will be creating a variety of activities and games for the children. The children will be also having a variety of races and events to take part in.

Some of the activities which we will be doing are:

- Taking part in some very exciting races and activities to support the children's physical development. 

- The children will also be creating their own medals and certificates. These will be then given out to the children who take part in the races. 

We are running a special offer for this week. If you are to sign up on this week you will receive a discount subject to a twenty five pounds registration fee and terms and conditions. Please contact the nursery for further details.