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Location: Derby - Oakwood
10th November 2017

World Science Day 2017

World Science Day 2017 Photo-1
World Science Day 2017 Photo-2
World Science Day 2017 Photo-3
World Science Day 2017 Photo-4
World Science Day 2017 Photo-5

As part of world science day, Busy Bees Oakwood have taken part in creating our very own little experiments.

The children experimented with bath bombs, raisins and skittles.

Bath bombs were emerged in cold water and hot water to see how they react differently to temperature change. We noticed warm water dissolved the bath bomb much quicker than the cold water however cold water showed the bath bombs dissolving at a slow pace.

We put raisins in lemonade to watch them dance around with the gas bubbles and explored why some raisins did move and why some raisins barely moved. This was due to the weight of the raisins and the gas bubbles not being strong enough to move them as much as the lighter raisins.

We also put skittles in a circle and poured warm water over them to see the colours run off them creating a rainbow effect on the pallet.