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Location: Glenrothes
5th March 2018

World Wildlife Day at Glenrothes!

The children in Pre School discussed what 'World Wildlife Day' meant to them. One child said, 'I knew that already, it was on CBeebies this morning!!' We then spoke about what we could do to help the wildlife with the bad snow! We came up with feeding the animals, we went to the woods to see if any animals needed help and sprinkled bird food out in our garden then watched and waited until we saw the hungry birds coming to eat it. We also spoke about the difference between wildlife animals and pets, we knew that pets live in a house and the wild live outside. Using our small world animals we put them into different categories of pets and wildlife and studied them to find any similarities and differences. One child said, 'Wildlife animals don't have a family' and another child said, 'Everyone has a family even if you are wild'!!

Toddlers used their animals to focus on the different sounds they make, the children loved making lots of noise this morning as well as speaking about where wildlife animals sleep at night and what they eat.